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“Flash Testing System” making it possible for nucleic acid testing done in 30 minutes

Source: Science and Technology Daily| 2020-09-11 16:21:23| Author: Zhang Jiaxing & Gao Xingjian

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On September 5, a new COVID-19 testing device called Flash Testing System was released,which is invented byJoint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council R&D team.The new testing device is now displayed in the exhibition area for public health epidemic prevention sector in 2020s China International Fair for Trade in Service.

The new system is more advanced compared tocommon nucleic acid testing approaches,as itcosts only 30 minutes to obtain a result highly accordant with the most stable products in market without thenecessityfora P2 level laboratory or manual draining procedure.

Li Xiang, the founder ofthis testing system’s undertaking unitnamedCoyote Biotechnology introduced, “Novel Coronavirus is a type of RNA virus,that’s why reverse transcription,the process in which RNA reverses to DNA, is required after extraction. In our new system, extraction, reverse transcription and expansion can be finished simultaneously, which means every step of reaction can be finished in seconds, and the enzyme used in reaction and the reaction system are unique as well.

Apart from the impressive testing speed, the accuracy of the testing system is reliable as well.

Tan Wenjie, the director of Viral Disease Emergency Center of Disease Prevention and Control Center under Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, told Science and Technology Dailythatthe possibility of polluted results mistakenly tested positive has been greatly reduced due to thefull enclosingFlash Testing System. “In effect, there has always been severaldifferent kinds of coronavirus spreading among people, triggering upper respiratory infection symptoms like flu does. According to our laboratorial examination, however, even in circumstances with high level of virus, our Flash Testing Systemcan remain accurate.”

The reason why the “Flash Testing System” can be invented so rapidly, helping finish the quick-testing missionin the course of the outbreak, can be attributed to the core international patented technology owned by our enterprises, as well as the promoting effect thatIndustry-University-Research Collaboration has for achievements in science and technology to implement.

By report, “Flash Testing System” got approved for marketing on July 13 by National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) and had been put into use in institutions including Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Shulan Hospital (Hangzhou) and Beijing Tongren Hospital, and did great favor to the prevention and control of epidemic in Xinjiang Province.


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